Brooklyn Community Estate has a contract with MediTelecare to provide on site psychiatric services to our residents on a monthly.  These services include evaluation of cognition, depression and behavior as well management of psychoactive and cognitive medications.


MediTelecare is the industry leader in providing behavioral and mental telehealth services to residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. We utilize state of the art technology to help streamline diagnostic evaluations and design custom treatment plans personalized according to each resident’s needs.

Telehealth is a simple and affordable solution that brings mental health clinicians to residents via video conferencing. MediTelecare uses safe and advanced technology that allows residents to meet face to face with clinicians via televideo all while receiving the same level and quality of care as an in person visit.

Each facility has a dedicated MediTelecare facilitator to assist staff and residents with the tools and technology needed to more effectively provide quality care.

MediTelecare’s multidisciplinary teams administer thorough psychological and cognitive evaluations that make behavioral health care easier. We provide medication management services for residents with the goal of medication reduction when possible, as well as intensive psychotherapy and behavioral services. Some of the main benefits of MediTelecare include:

•  Access to multidisciplinary teams of credentialed clinicians

•  Utilization of non pharmacological interventions as the first line of treatment when possible, improving resident care and CMS quality measures and ratings

•  On site access to scheduled visits, resulting in no interruptions in daily care

•  Improved quality of life for residents through proper medication management to ensure safety and well being

Our proactive approach to managing both appropriate medication use, and non-pharmacologic psychotherapy combined with behavioral care assessments have contributed to reduced rehospitalizations.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of our residents and staff.

  • Be aware of any infection precautions that may be in place

  • Wash your hands before coming into contact with residents

  • If you have a viral or bacterial infection, please contact the nursing staff before entering resident rooms

  • Use the facilities mailing address to send mail and packages to residents