Brooklyn Community Estate offers an onsite, full-service beauty salon for our residents to enjoy. Residents can visit the beauty salon at their convenience so that they do not have to leave to enjoy the benefits of having their hair shampooed, styled, or getting a haircut or trim. The beauty salon is close and accessible for all of our residents. This means that it is possible for them to enjoy the salon as much as they would like, without needing help from loved ones to take them to a salon offsite. This is particularly enjoyable for many of our female residents who are accustomed to going to the salon on a regular basis.

Residents can receive a variety of hair treatments at our beauty salon. These treatments include shampoo, styling, cutting, trimming, and more. Leave it to the professional hairdressers at our onsite salon to keep your loved ones hair looking clean, beautiful and, just the way they like it.

Salon services include shampoo and styling, haircuts, perms, color rinses, etc. Haircuts and beard trims for our gentlemen residents are also available.  Appointments can be made by calling the facility at 641-522-9263.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of our residents and staff.

  • Be aware of any infection precautions that may be in place

  • Wash your hands before coming into contact with residents

  • If you have a viral or bacterial infection, please contact the nursing staff before entering resident rooms

  • Use the facilities mailing address to send mail and packages to residents