Business Office & Human Resource Manager

Leslie is the Human Resources and Business Office Manager at Brooklyn Community Estate. She started working at BCE as a CNA in 1997 when she was fourteen years old. She worked at Brooklyn Community Estate all through high school until graduating from BGM and moving to Cedar Rapids to major in sociology at Coe College. In 2005, Leslie started out as a Community Living Assistant and later an Associate Housing Coordinator at a non-profit organization in Cedar Rapids for eleven years before moving back to Brooklyn to be closer to family. Leslie has been back with Brooklyn Community Estate since 2017.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of our residents and staff.

  • Be aware of any infection precautions that may be in place

  • Wash your hands before coming into contact with residents

  • If you have a viral or bacterial infection, please contact the nursing staff before entering resident rooms

  • Use the facilities mailing address to send mail and packages to residents